Suzuki Satria Fu 150 New

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Motors with this type of champion duck does look so cool in the road, this bike is also in jagokan as the most agile bike in its class. Seen from the machine specification in jejalkannnya in this motor, of 150 ccmotor tech style is indeed very interesting moge attention, especially for lovers of the motor.  

Without in any modif do already have a cool lookthere are some new features on the productionThe most obvious changes would have on the design of the lamp cover. The design head lamp and covers the main attraction.  

Suzuki has been the hallmark of the past have always been a touch MOGE on motorcycle including this latest Satria F150. Head lamp Suzuki GSX 600R try to put into a slim body Suzuki F150.Affairs of the machine how? Still the same as it was first launched four years ago. 150cc single cylinder engine, carries with 4 valve DOHC engine. Also equipped with oil coolers that keep the engine is always at optimal temperature. Maximum power of 16ps at 9.500rpm and maximum torque of 12.7 kgf-m in 8.500rpm, supplied with 6-speed transmission. 
The difference with the previous version is located on the exhaust. Not just a trendy shape with a hexagonal design, but the new exhaust is also equipped with a catalyst, so that exhaust emissions from burning more environmentally friendly and exceed EURO 2 standards applied by the government.On the choice of eco riding mode, new indicators work. This mode is used for economical driving or relaxing. Engine RPM indicator will flash automatically to inform motorists that the spin machine in a state of ideal fuel consumption. If the Engine RPM indicator is blinking, a sign to move the gear position (passing gear). Engine RPM will flash at 4500-5500 rpm.Medium on the Power Mode, Engine RPM Indicator will flash at the time the new machines are powerful RPM under ideal conditions and instruct riders to quickly shift gears in order to remain powerful engines. With the power mode, the lights will flicker on engine RPM at 5500-8500.

Overall Length : 1940 mm
Overall Width : 652 mm
Overall Height : 941 mm
As the distance between wheels : 1280 mm
Seat height : 764 mm
The distance to the Land of Machines : 140 mm
Empty Weight : 95 Kg

Type : 4 not, DOHC 4 Valve, Air Cooled with SACS
Number of Cylinders : 1 (one)
Cylinder diameter : 62 mm
Piston measures : 48.8 mm
Cylinder capacity : 147.3 cm3
Compression Ratio : 10.2: 1
Maximum power : 16.0 Ps / 9500 rpm
Maximum torque : 1.27 kgm / 8500 rpm
Carburetor : Mikuni BS 26-187
Air Filter : Paper Type
Starter System : Leg
Lubrication system : Oil Suppression

Clutch : wet type compound Plat Manual
Transmission : 6 speed constant mesh
Direction of tooth movement : 1 down, 5 up
Chain drive : DID 428 DS, 122 eyes

Suspension Front : Telescopic, spiral spring, bearing oil
Rear Suspension : swing arm, spiral spring, bearing oil
Steering angle  45 degrees (right & left)
Turn Radius : 2.0 m
Brakes Front : Disc
Brakes Rear : Disc
Home Wheel Size : 70 / 90-17 38S
Rear Wheel Size : 80 / 90-17 44S
Ignition system : CDI
Spark plug : NGK or Denso U24ESR CR8E-N
Accu : 12 Volt 2.5 Ah 10 HR

Fuel tank : 4.9 liters
Engine oil : 1,000 ml
With oil filter replacement : 1100 ml
With oil filter replacement: 1,100 mlKelebihan Satria FU

- Display Sporty and very fashionable.
- Satria FU Perfectly fit through the bottleneck.
- Pull very tight
- Simple Body facilitate cleaning.
- Comfortable in the corner.

and Price Suzuki Satria FU 150 New in May 2012:
Rp 18,575,000, -


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